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Alarm Response and Keyholding Services

Many business owners use an alarm system to alert them of unauthorized entry into their building(s). These systems are also popular with homeowners who want to protect their houses while they’re at work or out of town. Alarm systems effectively deter property damage, theft, and other criminal activity, but they aren’t always sophisticated enough to distinguish between a true threat and harmless activity.

Businesses and residential buildings experience a high number of false alarms. Some experts estimate that over 90% of notifications from alarm systems are unnecessary, and the estimated cost of false alarms to businesses is $3.2 billion.

False alarms also waste police resources. In some parts of South Carolina, local law enforcement agencies charge fines for responding to multiple false alarms within a certain time period. These fines may escalate with each occurrence. Multiple false alarms can even cause the loss of an owner’s business license.

Fortunately, G.I.S. has a simple solution: alarm response and keyholding services. Our security experts will respond to alarms at your home or building, saving you stress and time.

Alarm Response Service

Our alarm response service eliminates the need for you or your employees to respond to alarms from your buildings. Instead, a member of our highly trained security team will respond to every alarm and complete a thorough check of the building’s exterior. If there has been a breach, they will contact law enforcement and your designated point of contact/keyholder.

We also provide this service to homeowners. Having your alarm system go off when you’re out of town is hugely stressful because you have no way of knowing whether it was a legitimate alarm. When you sign up for our alarm response service, you can trust our team to check your home whenever the alarm goes off. If there has been a break-in, we will call the authorities.

Keyholding Service

Keyholding services go hand-in-hand with alarm response. Authorizing your security provider to enter your home or building is extremely beneficial to you and your employees.

When the alarm respondent is also a keyholder, they can enter the building, attempt to determine the cause of the alarm, secure the building, and reset the alarm. If the keyholder discovers a break-in or other criminal activity, they can contact law enforcement right away. This prevents you and your employees from returning to your building after hours and entering a potentially dangerous situation.

Having a security expert as your keyholder provides countless benefits for homeowners and business owners. When police officers respond to a notification from an alarm system, they only check the exterior unless they have probable cause for entering the building. A trusted

keyholder can enter your home or business and conduct a thorough check to make sure everything inside and outside is secure. If there’s a problem, the keyholder can contact law enforcement.

Why Choose G.I.S. for Alarm Response and Keyholding Services?

At G.I.S., our goal is to provide clients with reliable security services that meet their needs. Our alarm response and keyholding services offer a range of benefits:

  • Financial savings: You don’t need to worry about paying fines because law enforcement officers had to respond to a false alarm.
  • Reduced stress: You don’t have to monitor your alarm system and be ready to respond 24/7.
  • Employee safety: You don’t have to worry about sending an employee into a potentially dangerous situation.
  • Improved morale: You aren’t asking your employees to work a normal shift after losing hours of sleep the night before responding to an alarm.
  • Convenience: You don’t have to choose a new keyholder during every staffing change. As a homeowner, you don’t need to ask friends or neighbors to take on this responsibility.
  • Effective crime deterrent: A security expert can de-escalate situations (when possible), secure the building, and contact law enforcement when necessary.
  • Peace of mind: You can feel confident that every alarm will be handled by an expert.


We can customize a protection plan for your home or business. Maybe you already have a trusted keyholder and just want us to handle alarm response. We’ll respond to every alarm and contact your designated keyholder (and the police) if necessary. You can feel confident that your building is secure and avoid the possibility of paying fines for false alarms.

Alternatively, you can make G.I.S. your alarm respondent and keyholder. With this option, you can trust us to take care of all your home or business alarms so you don’t lose sleep or endanger yourself or your employees. As keyholders, we can check the interior as well as the exterior of your building. In the event of a false alarm, we can reset the alarm system after verifying that there is no threat. The combination of alarm response and keyholding services offers true peace of mind for homeowners and business owners.

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