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Background Checks

There are numerous occasions when you can benefit from having detailed information about someone, and a comprehensive background check can generally provide those vital details. While there are some DIY options for background checks, a professional can provide several unique benefits. Whether you need a background investigation for a personal reason or a business transaction, Global Investigative Services can help.

When Should You Complete a Background Check?

Background checks can be useful in a variety of situations, including family law cases, personal relationships, and business negotiations. Before engaging in a business transaction, for example, you may want to find out more about the people involved:

  • Potential business partners
  • Prospective employees
  • Tenant candidates for a rental property


There also may be times when you need thorough background checks on individuals involved in your personal life:

  • Potential tutors or childcare providers
  • Romantic partners
  • People claiming to be heirs, birth parents, and/or children
  • Possible caregivers for elderly parents or relatives


You may also want to request a background check on yourself before entering a new relationship, looking for a different job, or entering into a business partnership. By having a professional conduct an investigation, you can ensure that everything in your records is accurate and take steps to remedy any erroneous details. When you know what someone else will find during a background investigation, it allows you to be more prepared when entering business negotiations or moving forward in a personal relationship.

Why Do You Need a Private Investigator?

With the available resources on the internet, it’s easy to think that you can find out all the data you need to know on your own. However, online background check services and records searches can be incomplete and may prevent you from discovering all the data that exists. It’s also possible to find false information that is difficult to distinguish from legitimate records. Plus, it can take a lot of time to comb through the data, especially if you are not exactly sure where to start.

A professional private investigator can be your most valuable asset for a background check. At GIS, our investigators have the experience to find existing records and the expertise to verify their accuracy.

Trust Global Investigative Services for Thorough and Accurate Background Checks

The last thing you want to do is make a crucial personal or professional decision based on incomplete or inaccurate information. When you need a thorough background check, contact GIS. We can get started with minimal initial information: your reason for requesting the check and basic details about the subject.

You can trust our knowledgeable investigators to be thorough and discreet. We’ll follow legal regulations and employ best practices to ensure we provide you with accurate and comprehensive details. To initiate a background check, contact us through our online form, email, or phone number.

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