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Child custody negotiations can be the most difficult part of your divorce, even if you and your spouse are ending the marriage amicably. You want to ensure the best situation for your children and you want to solidify your role in their lives. The idea of joint custody or a visitation schedule can be upsetting, especially if you believe that your ex-spouse cannot provide the best environment for your children.

If you have any concerns about your children’s safety when they are with your ex-spouse, it’s essential to follow up on those concerns during your custody negotiations. A private investigator can learn pertinent details that may help a court determine whether your ex is capable of providing a safe, healthy, and loving home for your children.

Court Considerations for Child Custody Orders

The court’s goal is to create a custody order that is in your child’s best interests. There are two basic types of custody arrangements: joint custody and sole custody. In a joint legal custody arrangement, you and the other parent share the legal rights and responsibilities of parenthood. You may or may not share physical custody.

If you are the sole legal custodial parent, you alone can make major decisions for your children, though your ex-spouse may have visitation rights. There are several things that a court may look at when determining custody and visitation arrangements:

  • A child’s preferences and developmental needs
  • Each parent’s ability to provide for the child’s physical needs
  • Each parent’s capacity to understand and support the child’s emotional and relational needs
  • The child’s current living situation, including academic, religious, community, and social structures
  • The physical and mental health of each person
  • Signs of abuse or neglect by either parent
  • Indications of substance abuse or other negative behaviors

If you have any concerns about your children’s physical safety or emotional health when they are with their other parent, it’s imperative to find out more information. Having solid evidence may help improve the chances that a court will rule in your favor during a child custody dispute.

Essential Information in a Child Custody Dispute

The court relies on evidence when making child custody decisions. If you simply enter a custody dispute with no more than suspicions, chances are the court will not take your concerns seriously. Finding out the real details of your ex’s lifestyle and parenting choices can give your legal claim more support.

When you hire a private investigator for a child custody investigation, he or she can get details about the other parent that you probably can’t get yourself. An investigator may be able to find evidence of substance abuse or neglect that supports your suspicions. Alternatively, a PI may instead find proof of a healthy environment for your children, helping to allay your concerns and improve your peace of mind.

Vital Aspects of a Child Custody Investigation

As in most circumstances involving an ex-spouse, it’s generally more efficient and cost-effective to hire a private investigator to gather evidence than to try to investigate yourself. A private investigator may look into several aspects of your ex’s parenting:

  • Hidden assets that may affect child support obligations
  • Proof of substance abuse
  • Indications of physical, verbal, or emotional abuse
  • History of alcohol or drug use, especially when children are present
  • Criminal history, including DUI charges
  • Presence of a new romantic partner who interacts with your children

There are numerous ways a private investigator can get information, including surveillance and background checks. Other parts of the investigation may include interviewing neighbors, your children’s counselors, and/or their teachers to find out if they have any concerns.

Global Investigative Services Can Help You Make Your Case

You want the best for your children, and that may mean getting a court involved in a child custody dispute. If you have concerns about your children’s other parent, Global Investigative Services can help. Our expert investigators come from law enforcement backgrounds and have the experience, training, and resources to conduct thorough research.

GIS offers some unique advantages in child custody investigations:

  • Covert cameras and other advanced surveillance tools
  • Access to criminal records
  • Coverage of a large geographical region, including both North Carolina and South Carolina
  • Thorough knowledge of applicable laws to ensure evidence is admissible

Don’t go through the stress and emotional challenges of a child custody dispute on your own. We’ll help you gather information so that you can take the necessary steps to support and protect your children. Contact us to get more details about our investigation services.

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