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GIS Providing Security at the World’s Strongest Man 2023

The World’s Strongest Man is an annual multi-event competition designed to test athletes from across the globe and push them to their limits. WSM is more than just about the participants’ physical strength but also their agility and mental toughness. Since its inaugural event in 1977 in California, the World’s Strongest Man has evolved as a competition throughout the years, becoming bigger and grander than ever before.

But even the strongest men in the world needed security, and Global Investigative Services had the right people for the job. GIS had the opportunity to partner with the World’s Strongest Man 2023 competition and provide event security services to the event. If you want to learn more about the involvement of Global Investigative Services, read this blog:

Global Investigative Services and the WSM
Global Investigative Services was tasked with crowd management for the four-day event to ensure the spectators were safe and sound. The presence of our highly trained security guards patrolling around the venue has reduced the chances of any criminal activity happening. Besides that, we also offered protection for the participants, their families, and the production crew to ensure nothing went wrong.

About the 46th World Strongest Man
This year’s competition took place at the Burroughs & Chapin Pavilion Place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, from April 19th to 23rd, 2023. Out of the initial 30-man roster, the number of participants dwindled to the last ten finalists.

At the end of the contest, Mitchell Hooper, a 27-year-old Canadian strongman, was crowned the winner after defeating the defending World’s Strongest Man champion, Tom Stoltman. Hooper was able to snag his first WSM title just a year after his professional debut at the competition.

This victory also made him the first Canadian to win the title. Some of his feats include pulling a city bus using only a rope and carrying a pair of boulders weighing over 500 lbs. combined across the arena.

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