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How Private Investigators Assist in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Filing a worker’s compensation claim is typically simple, but settling it can sometimes drag along. This is where private investigators come in. They are often called to assist in these workers’ compensation cases.

When an employee files for compensation, the employer’s insurance may hire an investigator to look into the claim. Read on if you want to learn more about their role in this matter:

PIs Help Uncover Fraudulent Claims

While most claims in the worker’s compensation system are valid, a small percentage prove to be fraudulent. Some individuals falsely claim or exaggerate injuries to receive financial compensation and paid time off. So, it’s essential to investigate claims thoroughly to ensure only genuine cases receive benefits. Private investigators utilize various techniques to make sure that the employee’s injury is legitimate.

PIs Can Provide Testimony and Collaborate With Attorneys
Private investigators can play a crucial role in a workers’ comp lawsuit. They are able to provide testimonials and collaborate with attorneys. Private investigators have great experience conducting thorough investigations, gathering evidence, and uncovering essential information that can support a case. Their expertise in surveillance, research, and interviewing witnesses makes them valuable assets when it comes to presenting compelling evidence in court.

Moreover, private investigators collaborate closely with legal teams, aligning their efforts with the strategies set by legal professionals. This partnership allows them to maximize their effectiveness and contribute to the overall success of the case.

At Global Investigative Services, we can help you resolve your worker’s compensation claims. Contact us today to learn more about our services. Our team of PIs have backgrounds in law enforcement and utilize cutting-edge surveillance tools and investigative methods.