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Investigative Services

Dependable Investigation Services in North and South Carolina

Whether you need to conduct a background check on a potential employee or get more information on your spouse’s suspicious behavior, give us a call at Global Investigative Services. Our conscientious and experienced investigators utilize tried-and-true surveillance methods and modern technology to seek out and document as much information as possible. We provide coverage of an extensive area (both Carolinas), so we have more opportunities to gather evidence in our investigations.

Family Law Investigation Services

At GIS, we conduct research in a wide range of situations and family law cases:


Our investigation services are thorough and discreet, and we work hard to uncover the truth.

Legal and Business-Related Investigation Services

GIS also works for individuals and companies:


No matter what kind of investigative services you are looking for, GIS can help. We’re ready to discuss your case and create a plan for a detailed and comprehensive investigation. Contact us today to speak with our friendly staff.

If there is a situation where you seek answers, we strive to find them quickly and efficiently, through a variety of investigative techniques and the use of state-of-the-art surveillance equipment. Our licensed private investigators are highly trained and experienced.

Call Global Investigative Services, Inc. when you’re in need of professional private investigators at (843) 748-0642.

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