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Investigative Services

No matter what kind of investigative services you are looking for, Global Investigative Services can help. We’re ready to discuss your case and create a plan for a detailed and comprehensive investigation.

If there is a situation where you seek answers, we strive to find them quickly and efficiently through various investigative techniques and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment. Our licensed private investigators are highly trained and experienced.

Our conscientious and experienced investigators utilize tried-and-true surveillance methods and modern technology to seek out and document as much information as possible. We provide coverage of an extensive area (both Carolinas), so we have more opportunities to gather evidence in our investigations.

Family Law Investigation Services

At GIS, we conduct research in a wide range of situations and family law cases. These may include the following:

If you suspect that your spouse is having an affair with someone, you must have conclusive evidence of their infidelity. And the best way for you to gain that information is to hire a private investigator. With decades of experience, you can be sure that we can get to the bottom of your problem.

Spousal support exists so that once a divorce is finalized, the money can be used to help the spouse earning less than the other. However, alimony ends once the dependent spouse begins cohabitating with a new romantic partner, gets remarried, or passes away. If you want to be sure that your former spouse is still on their own, have them investigated by GIS.

When parents divorce, the talk of child custody comes into place. Often, the child is decided according to their best interest. Both the mother and father should be treated equally, whether it will be joint or sole custody. However, situations may change, and all it takes is one parent to request in court to hand the child’s custody over.

If you feel your child is no longer safe or supported by the other parent, you must have solid evidence to prove your claim. That’s where Global Investigative Services comes in to help you with your problem.

Even if you and your former spouse have ended things amicably, child custody negotiations can still be quite difficult to work around. If you have any concerns that your ex-spouse can provide for your children, Global Investigative Services can come in to look into the matter.

Legal and Business-Related Investigation Services

Global Investigative Services also works for individuals and companies regarding legal and business matters. Here are some of the services that we can provide you:

Whether you’re looking for the right candidate for a job position or a new business partner, knowing if they are legitimate is important. Performing a background check on them ensures that they’re not hiding or omitting something about themselves from you. Our investigation services are thorough and discreet, and we work hard to uncover the truth.

Finding yourself involved in personal injury cases can be difficult and confusing. Besides the actual case, seeing how much compensation you are entitled to can be tougher. If you want to be sure about such matters, Global Investigative Services can help with the investigation.

Every worker is entitled to the right compensation, especially if they get injured or hurt while on the job. Although you must take good care of your employees, it’s also important to keep a lookout for any fraudulent claims. If you want to look more into these claims, contact us at Global Investigative Services, and we’ll investigate the matter.

The search for private investigation companies that you can trust is over. Contact us at Global Investigative Services, Inc. when you require professional private investigators. Call us today at (843) 748-0642.

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