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A Disappointed Woman | Spouse Is Cheating

Major Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

Infidelity, more commonly known as adultery or cheating, is the violation of a marriage or relationship by engaging in emotional or sexual intimacy with someone else. This could happen either in person or online. This kind of betrayal can lead to depression, anxiety, and many more, especially towards the partner being cheated on.

If you suspect that your significant other is having an affair, there are some signs that you may notice. Do keep in mind that these may vary between relationships. If you’re curious how to know if your partner is cheating, here are some signals to look out for:

Behavioral Changes
In most cases, a person’s dissatisfaction in their relationship with their partner is a major indicator that something may be up. Sudden behavioral changes such as being secretive, emotionally distant, and defensive are usually taken as signs that your spouse is cheating. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these behavioral changes may or may not be directly due to infidelity.

They’ve Become More Protective of Their Devices
Another common sign is the fact that they’ve become more protective of their phones or other devices, especially if they weren’t like that before. Cheating partners are more protective of their cellphones and computers because once you snoop around long enough, you’ll be able to unravel their secrets.

Absence of Intimacy
If you sense that your partner no longer wants to be intimate with you, it can be a sign that there is an affair going on. Intimacy plays a crucial role in any romantic relationship. Therefore, if you notice that your partner deliberately rejects or avoids any idea or act of being close to you, that could be a possible sign of adultery; especially if they weren’t like this before. Do keep in mind that like with their other behavioral changes, there might be other causes for this.

Hire a Professional Adultery Investigator
If ever you suspect that your significant other is cheating on you, it’s best to trust your gut feeling about it. Should you plan to get evidence to support your claims, you should get the adultery investigation services of a PI.

When in doubt, contact us at Global Investigative Services. Using tried and tested investigation methods, we’ll be able to get to the bottom of this without putting you at risk.