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Patrol Stop Services

Many businesses use static security to deter criminal activity during non-business hours. Static security offers several benefits, but it’s not always the right solution for homes and businesses. For most homeowners and business owners, safety patrol stops provide reliable security at a more affordable cost.

What Are Patrol Stops?

Static security protects a business (or a neighborhood) during business hours, non-business hours, and/or overnight. This setup can effectively deter crime, but it’s not the only available option. In areas where crime is infrequent, patrol stops are a viable security solution.

With a patrol stop service, security officers conduct patrols using a dedicated vehicle with markings and flashing lights. Patrol officers are easy to identify, so they provide a credible threat to potential criminals. This type of service is a cost-effective alternative to static security.

Why Choose G.I.S. for Patrol Stop Services?

At G.I.S., we take patrol stops seriously. Every member of our security staff is dedicated to providing exceptional protection. We use easily identifiable vehicles and change the patrol pattern each day, so potential criminals cannot determine a pattern. If a problem does occur during a patrol stop, our officers use their extensive training and experience to de-escalate the situation (if possible) before contacting law enforcement.

Top Benefits of Patrol Stops

A patrol stop service offers many unique advantages:

  • Affordability
  • Quick response time
  • Reduced criminal activity

With a patrol service, you get a high level of security for a minimal cost. It’s a great option for businesses and neighborhoods, especially in areas where a static security setup isn’t affordable or necessary.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Patrol Stops from G.I.S.

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to static security for your neighborhood or business, we can help. G.I.S. provides top-notch patrol services in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area. Simply contact our team to discuss your security needs, and we will develop a customized plan.


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