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Are you looking for a comprehensive security training program? We are here to help! At Global Investigative Services, we know that expert training is an essential first step toward a career in security services. The right training ensures you have the knowledge and expertise to protect others, react appropriately, and maintain safety on the job.

Whether you want to pursue a career as an armed or unarmed guard, we offer the ideal training program: SafeguardSC. The Safeguard program includes various virtual and in-person courses, so you can choose the one that is right for your situation. We have years of real-world experience in the security industry, and we’re excited to pass along our expertise to you.

What Is Safeguard?

Developed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, the Safeguard program is designed to provide expert training and resources to improve the quality of security services throughout the state. Through its standardized training materials, the Safeguard program develops competent, professional security officers.

The virtual nature of this training makes it more accessible to all individuals, from students to full-time employees to military or law enforcement personnel preparing for a career change. Here at Global Investigative Services, we are excited to partner with SLED to offer both levels of Safeguard training, Primary Basic and Primary Plus, as well as Firearms Training.

SLED’s Primary Basic Training is the perfect place to start the Safeguard program. This course provides you with the essential information you need to be an effective security officer. Some of the topics covered include the following:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Security Officer Ethics
  • Law Enforcement Relations
  • Crime Scene Preservation
  • Workplace Violence and Emergency Response


To receive credit for the Primary Basic Training course, you must score at least 80% on the exam. Completing the course and passing the exam enables you to work as an unarmed security officer.

Once you’ve completed Primary Basic Training, you have the option to take another virtual course through Global Investigative Services: Primary Plus Training. The goal of the Primary Plus program is to provide specialized training in a variety of areas, such as Use of Force and Handcuffing.

Why should you consider Primary Plus Training? SLED regulations prevent security officers from utilizing certain equipment without adequate training. You are also prohibited from using force against another person without proper instruction. Completing the Primary Plus Training program gives you the skills and credentials to use advanced security measures and tools, broadening your career options. Some of the topics covered in Primary Plus Training include the following:

  • Patrol Procedures
  • Arrest
  • Probable Cause/Reasonable Suspicion
  • Handcuffing
  • Vehicle Operations


As with Primary Basic Training, you must pass the Primary Plus exam with a score of at least 80% in order to receive credit.

If you want the opportunity to work as an armed security guard, you need to complete Firearms Training. Due to the nature of the course and SLED requirements, this program requires you to attend an in-person component.

The Firearms Training program covers vital information related to safely handling and discharging a firearm:

  • Firearm Safety Rules
  • Drawing/Re-Holstering/Shooting
  • Nomenclature
  • Range Rules


In addition to the classroom portions of the program, you must also attend in-person training at a gun range. Your instructor will discuss and demonstrate each of the six stages that are part of the Firearms Qualification exam. In order to pass the exam and receive your credentials, you must complete each of the stages with an 80% score (40 “hits” on the silhouette portion of the target).


Why Should You Train With Global Investigative Services?

If you want to begin or advance your career as a security officer, our Security Training courses are the perfect place to start. You’ll receive in-depth instruction and training from experts with decades of real-world experience.

Global Investigative Services is the only organization in the area that provides virtual Safeguard training. We’re happy to offer this unique option to our clients. Online courses give you much more freedom to complete training and upgrade your professional credentials in a way that fits your busy lifestyle.

When you choose Global Investigative Services for your training, you’ll also get the benefits of working with our passionate and dedicated staff. Our instructors are former law enforcement officers who supplement the standardized course material with their invaluable knowledge.

Our trainers discuss their on-the-job experiences, giving you the chance to imagine yourself in realistic scenarios. You’ll hear about real-life situations and get an inside look at how to handle them. Our instructors believe that excellent training is vital for security officers, and we are here to provide that training.


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