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Unveiling the Secrets: What Do Workers’ Comp Investigators Look For?

Workers’ compensation investigators play a vital role in workplace injury claims. As the guardians of fairness and accuracy, they meticulously examine various aspects of a claim to ensure that employers and employees are protected.

But what exactly do these detectives search for during their investigations? In this blog post, we will delve into what workers’ compensation investigators look for, shedding light on their fact-finding methods and insight into the secrets behind their scrutiny.

1. Online Surveillance

In this digital age, it’s no surprise that workers’ comp investigators turn to the internet for evidence. They scrutinize your online updates, including social media profiles, tagged photos, and blog posts.

Investigators are keen to identify inconsistencies between your claimed limitations and online activities. Posting pictures of engaging in physical activities or discussing hobbies that contradict your reported injuries can raise red flags. Thus, exercising caution when sharing online and being mindful of the potential consequences is wise.

2. Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is another powerful tool workers’ comp investigators use to gather evidence. They may discreetly observe your activities in public places, such as supermarkets or parks, to assess your physical abilities and limitations.

Investigators analyze these videos to validate or refute the claims made regarding the extent of your injuries. It’s essential to be aware that you may be under surveillance, even during your daily routine, and to ensure that your actions align with your reported injuries.


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