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Top Security Guard Company: Global Investigative Services is Your Choice

Security and crowd control should be your top priority whether you have an event, store, or building. So, you must hire a security company. However, with so many options, selecting the best security guard company can be quite daunting and will require thorough research and evaluation.

We here at Global Investigative Services offer armed and unarmed guard services that will help keep you, your personnel, and your property safe. If you need more proof of why we are the best security guard company for you, here are some facts you should know:

We Have a Team of Trained and Reliable Professionals
Global Investigative Services takes pride in hiring the right professionals for the job. We understand the importance of rigorous training due to the previous experience of our founder as a former law enforcement officer. Hence, our security guards are fully licensed and highly trained with the Safeguard program, designed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

The Safeguard program includes numerous virtual and in-person courses with real-world applications. It ensures our staff members have the skills and experiences necessary for the task.

We Offer Various Security Services
Besides the standard guard services, we also offer other security and protection options that can be customized to your needs. Here are some of our other offered services:

Executive Protection
Executive protection is more than just a high-level term for a personal bodyguard. It also takes into account risk assessment, privacy protection, surveillance, intelligence gathering, and more. We make sure to get all the necessary details to come up with a plan that suits your needs.

Patrol Stop Services
This service is perfect for businesses looking for ways to deter criminal activity around their location during non-business hours. Our officers will be on the lookout for potential criminals, giving you peace of mind because you and your business are safe. You’ll get a high level of security for a minimal cost.

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Our professional officers here at Global Investigative Services prioritize you and your protection. If you’re looking for a security guard agency that you can trust, look no further. Contact us to learn more about our wide range of reliable security services that can fit your needs.