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Workers Compensation Investigations

Workers’ compensation is one area of law that can affect your operations as an employer or insurance provider in a significant way. It’s important to care for people when they get hurt on the job, but it’s equally vital to avoid paying for false claims.

It may be fairly easy for an employee to claim an on-the-job injury, but without an in-depth investigation, it can be hard to determine whether that claim is truthful. Here at Global Investigative Services, we can perform comprehensive research into a workers’ compensation claim and document our findings in a detailed and legally admissible manner.

Protecting Your Business From Fraudulent Claims

Workers’ compensation programs are essential; they can help foster a positive working environment and give you a way to care for any employees who get hurt while doing their jobs. State laws require most businesses to provide workers’ compensation coverage, which can streamline the aftermath of a job-related injury, compensating employees fairly and eliminating the time and expense of a lawsuit.

While providing compensation for your employees who get hurt on the job is an important part of your duty as an employer, this system can also be subject to fraud:

  • Falsified injury claims
  • Claims of at-work injuries that actually occurred outside of the workplace
  • Injuries due to employee negligence or misconduct
  • Deliberately caused injuries

If you accept a claim from one of your employees that you later learn was fraudulent, it can take a severe toll on your company beyond the initial financial cost. You may open your business up to more untruthful claims, and your workers’ comp insurance premiums may rise.

Fraudulent workers’ compensation claims can also harm the morale of your entire workforce. A high number of claims (even false ones) can make your employees feel unsafe at work and/or reduce their compliance with workplace safety protocols.

Avoiding the Risks of In-House Investigations

If you suspect that you are facing workers compensation fraud, it’s essential to investigate. However, there are several risks of launching an in-house investigation of the claim or the employee:

  • You may open your company up to a lawsuit
  • You may create tension in your workforce
  • You may waste valuable resources and man-hours trying to learn and then employ surveillance tactics

The best option is to hire an experienced private investigator who already has the knowledge, tools, and experience to perform legal and effective workers compensation investigations. Hiring a professional is generally the most cost- and time-efficient option.

Defend Against Fraud With Help From Global Investigative Services

Paying for false workers’ compensation claims doesn’t benefit your business or your employees. If you suspect fraud in a workers’ comp claim, contact Global Investigative Services. We are here to help, leveraging our experience, training, and resources to uncover as much information as possible.

We investigate in both North Carolina and South Carolina, and our PIs are highly trained professionals with a thorough understanding of all the relevant laws. We’ll utilize cutting-edge surveillance tools and proven investigative methods to get details of the incident in question. For more information on GIS and our workers’ compensation investigation process, give us a call or use the contact form to get in touch.

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